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This plan was created by Pension Point Retirement Advisors in association with the Nevada Contractors Association.  The plan allows association members to participate in a retirement plan that helps them reduce their administrative and liability burdens while greatly reducing the expenses associated with running their retirement plan.

Who We Serve

The Contractors Advantage Retirement Plan was designed for members of the Nevada Contractors Association as a way to help reduce administrative burdens and expenses related to retirement plans.

Whether you have two employees or 500 employees, The Contractors Advantage Retirement Plan may be the right solution for your company.

What if you have an existing plan?  That's perfect.  The Contractors Advantage Retirement Plan has made it simple to transition your current plan into this platform with little effort.  

Call Pension Point for a free side by side plan comparison to help you evaluate whether this plan is the right retirement plan for you and your employees.

What is a MEP?

A MEP, formally a Multiple Employer Plan, is a retirement plan for businesses that typically have a common interest, but are not commonly owned or affiliated.  In the case of The Contractors Advantage Plan, the plan is built specifically for members of the Nevada Contractors Association.




Plan Benefits

  • Reduced Administration

  • Reduced Plan Expense

  • Flexible Plan Design

  • Low Cost Fund Lineup

  • Prevailing Wage Friendly

  • Dedicated Plan Advisors

  • Award Winning Recordkeeper - Voya

Plan Administration

One of the benefits of joining a MEP is the reduced administrative burden.  As an adopting plan sponsor, you do not file an annual form 5500.  IRS filings are done on a plan level, alleviating you from that responsibility.  Additionally, for plans over 100 participants, the annual plan audit is waived.  Again, this task is performed at the plan level (MEP)


Strength in Numbers

The Contractors Advantage Plan was designed to provide contractors with a way to join forces in order to reduce the administrative burdens and high plan costs associated with providing a retirement plan to their workforce.

Today, more than 2400 companies from 6 different Contractors Associations in the Western US have access to this plan.

Fiduciary Liability Mitigation

When you join The Contractors Advantage Plan, you immediately reduce the investment fiduciary liability associated with managing your plan.  Pension Point Retirement Advisors acts as the 3(21) co-investment fiduciary on your plan, allowing you to rest easy when it comes to investment selection and monitoring. 

Cost Savings

Let's assume a typical $2,000,000 retirement plan with 30 participants.

As a single employer plan you can expect fees and expenses:

  FEES                      Non-MEP        MEP


Advisor, &  TPA        1.65%            .75%  

Total Savings:           .90%   or  $18,000*


*Above pricing illustration is typical for plan size and number of participants.  Non-MEP pricing may vary by plan.



Your Financial Advisors

With over 60 years of combined experience in the Financial Services Industry, Pension Point is uniquely positioned to help you build a retirement plan that's right for your company.  We operate on 3 core principles:

  • Advise with Prudence

  • Educate with Purpose

  • Create Retirement Readiness

Your RecordKeeper

Voya Financial, a leader in the 401(k) / Qualified Plan market with:

  • $346 Billion in Assets

  • 47,000+ plans

  • 5,000,000+ plan participants

Experience Voya's award winning participant website experience centered on retirement income.

Your Third Part Administrator

At Pension Management Consultants, our owners are excited about providing you with the information, guidance, and care you need in order to make wise decisions about your pension plans.


From choosing an approach to designing a plan to administering it through the years, we're your locally owned and fully credentialed resource. We offer a FREE consultation so we can get to know your goals and requirements.




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